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Bluetrino Escrow Services

Make and Receive Payments Locally or Internationally

Bluetrino is an escrow service: a trusted and established way to make and receive payments for work or products. We collect, temporarily hold, and then disburse money only when both the buyer and seller have done what they agreed to.

Escrow has become increasingly popular among freelancers and contractors, artists and artisans, digital nomads and anyone not in formal or full time employment.

Benefits of Bluetrino

Bluetrino is a simple, safe, affordable method to secure your funds.

Surprisingly Simple

Financial regulations in different countries can make international payments complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. Bluetrino handles the red tape and fulfils all legal obligations for you, and everything happens online. We process in minutes what could otherwise take you days.


Super Secure

Escrow is a more secure way to pay and get paid. As a 3rd party, Bluetrino only releases money when both parties have fulfilled their obligations. In this way, the risk of fraud is minimised: you know that you’ll get what you’re paying for, and that you’ll be paid for what you’re providing. Find out about our digital security and financial compliance


Amazingly Affordable

Old-fashioned international payment methods, like transfers, can be expensive, sometimes costing as much as ten percent or more. Bluetrino’s transaction fee is a fraction of what you would typically pay.


Reassuring Ratings

With Bluetrino, you can rate and review the people you’re paying or getting paid by. This provides an additional layer of trust, as you can see who’s positively rated by others.



Our Team.


Chad Faurie


I am a developer by trade; an engineer at heart. Always looking for the latest and greatest technology to work with and discover. I have a passion for building, architecture and understanding everything that goes into a solution, and making the solutions work robustly and at large scale.


Dr. Gregor Schmitz


I obtained a PhD in Data Science in 1999 and spent many years utilizing my skills in direct marketing and credit risk management. I’ve also co-founded and managed several companies. I’m intrigued about all things data-driven and financial, and I especially love combining the two.

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