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We are Bluetrino


We are Bluetrino.

We were formed with the idea of assisting businesses with their day to day financial operations.

Financial regulations in different countries can make international payments complicated, timeconsuming

and frustrating. This is why we at Bluetrino decided to create products and solutions

for all businesses to avoid the frustrating and time consuming issues related to these day to day

business operations.

We offer a solution and products that handle all the red tape and fulfils all legal obligations for you

and everything happens online. We are able to process in minutes what could otherwise take your

business days.

Old-fashioned international payment methods, like transfers, can be expensive, sometimes costing

as much as ten percent or more. However, Bluetrino’s transaction fee is a fraction of what you

would typically pay, therefore saving you time and money.

The simple, secure, affordable way to get paid. From Anywhere.

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