Bluetrino stands in support of Ukraine

Bluetrino Stands with Ukraine

Laylah Solomon
Apr 01, 2022

We stand with Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on 24th February 2022, displacing at least 13 million citizens, and killing at least 46 000 people. We at Bluetrino stand with Ukraine, in opposition of the war and gross human rights violations inflicted by the Russian forces.

Bluetrino has opted to show support by donating to the Ukrainian Government, in the hopes that this contribution will be used to reinforce and strengthen the existing networks made of "everyday heroes" who are already working endlessly to support the besieged in Ukraine.

You can see proof of transactions at these links: 0.01500000 BTC and 0.01819955 BTC

We must come together to show our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. You too can make a difference, by telling the world that you #StandWithUkraine and even donating yourself.