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Bluetrino: Leading the Way in Sustainable Workspaces

Jaclyn Goliath
Jun 28, 2023

At Bluetrino, we are deeply committed to environmental responsibility, which is why we decided to move our head office to Ubunye House, situated within the leafy landscape of Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs. The choice to establish our headquarters at Ubunye House stems from its remarkable alignment with our core values and dedication to sustainability. Collaborating with several like-minded tenants, including The Green House, Bluetrino wholeheartedly embraces the green initiative implemented at Ubunye House. The building, with its distinctive Cape Dutch style thatched roof, goes beyond its aesthetic charm to offer a multitude of "green" benefits that resonate with Bluetrino's values, some of which are described below.

1. Sustainable Material: The locally sourced thatch is a renewable and eco-friendly material. Made from natural resources with low embodied energy, it surpasses traditional building materials such as concrete or steel in terms of sustainability.

2. Enhanced Insulation: The thatched roof provides exceptional insulation, maintaining comfortable temperatures within the building throughout the year. This natural insulation reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems, resulting in significant energy savings and minimised carbon emissions.

3. Natural Ventilation: The breathable thatched roof facilitates natural ventilation, optimising indoor air quality and temperature control. By reducing the need for mechanical ventilation systems, energy consumption is further reduced, fostering a healthier and more comfortable work environment for Bluetrino's employees.

4. Low Environmental Impact: Thatch, compared to roofing materials like asphalt shingles, boasts a substantially lower environmental impact. Its production and transportation require less energy, while installation and removal generate minimal waste. This eco-conscious choice aligns perfectly with Bluetrino's sustainability goals.

Beyond the thatched roof, we promote water conservation through informative posters and maintain a sustainable water-wise garden. Composting of garden waste and recycling of paper, plastic, glass, and metals are integral practices within the building. Excitingly, plans are underway to install a solar-powered energy system, further reducing its carbon footprint and amplifying our collective excitement.

Bluetrino's decision to establish its head office at Ubunye House was driven by a shared vision for sustainability and a dedication to creating a greener future. The harmonious integration of our company's values with the green initiatives of our office building strengthens our commitment to environmental stewardship. Working in a green office environment brings numerous benefits, not only for Bluetrino as a company, but also for our employees, the building's tenants, and the wider environment. We eagerly anticipate actively participating in more sustainable initiatives and continually seeking innovative ways to further enhance our commitment to environmental responsibility.