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Nordigen X Bluetrino

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Jan 24, 2022

Nordigen partners with corporate matchmaking solution Bluetrino to supply financial data for internal accounting

The only free open banking platform Nordigen is collaborating with business matchmaker platform Bluetrino to provide transaction data to enhance the firm’s internal accounting processes.

Bluetrino is a corporate matchmaking platform based in South Africa and Estonia, helping companies make external connections for enterprise function improvement and economic growth. Their focus is on creating sustainable connections globally between SMEs and freelancers that are cost-efficient and less time-consuming. Bluetrino ensures that companies they work with foster compatible trading environments, create more job opportunities, and bring on more highly skilled workers to fill open positions.

“It is crucial to our internal operations that we are able to easily and securely receive financial information. We turned to Nordigen to enhance this aspect of our business, seeing that our views aligned and they could provide the service we were looking for,” says Chad Faurie, CTO of Bluetrino.

Transactional data sharing is one of the main services powered by Nordigen and used by Bluetrino. Bluetrino is able to track transactions, aggregate data and utilize gained financial information for their internal accounting procedures, helping them make the process quicker and easier, allowing them to allocate more focus on partnership building.

“Bluetrino is enhancing business relationships with their matchmaking service, fostering connections and creating partnerships. Our PSD2-regulated API is able to provide essential financial data to help automate their services and streamline their processes. Privacy and security are important for both Bluetrino and Nordigen, making our collaboration the perfect solution, ” says Rolands Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen.

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