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Why having a fast website is important

Why having a fast website is important

This article is a spin off from Why we rebuilt our website in GatsbyJs

We have been doing a lot of introspection in terms of our Marketing and PR, and we have decided to start optimising our outward appearance ourselves, starting with our website.

Google has indicated that it will give fast websites a higher ranking in search results based on speed, check out the Post from google

So now this adds another SEO headache, you can check how your website performs with this Google Tool or you can use the built in lighthouse tool in Chrome

As discussed previously, we were running WordPress, and it is great at what it does, however we realised that it just was not the right tool for us, and so we moved to what we know best, ReactJs with GatsbyJs.

This is the score we got from our original WordPress site:

Not exactly something to be proud of…

And here is our new site, built in GatsbyJs and ReactJs:

Which is an amazing improvement

We also make use of an Amazon CDN (CloudFront), which grants our site the lowest latency globally as our site is distributed to servers across the globe, we also get SSL encryption by default (which is a HUGE plus)

If you are struggling with a slow website or something that is not going to carry you into future, be it an eCommerce site, a basic landing page or maybe you just need something more out of your site drop us a message and we can help with setting you up so that you get a blazing fast site and great speed scores